Importance of Speaking and Listening skills in language acquisition

Speaking the language and understanding what another person is saying is synonymous with knowing that language.

As you continue the language learning journey, you will probably find that speaking and listening are the two most essential parts of effective communication.

Improving your listening skills will have a massive impact on your ability to learn to speak a foreign language beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Any language should be learnt like children learn their mother tongues if you want them to be fluent.

As a kid, we all learned our first and maybe the second language by listening, speaking, immersion, and mimicking all the time.

We did not receive any grammar lessons or writing skills from anyone.

It means you need to listen (not just read from a book) and speak lots of foreign words and phrases.

Turn the words into something familiar by associating them with their actual meaning.

The main goal is to develop natural listening and speaking ability.

The bookish knowledge, translation, and reference to the first language should take the backseat.

So do spend time working on your listening and talking. It will bring you great rewards that may surprise you!

How to implement this language technique?

You need to practice the new language with native or fluent speakers while listening to it as it is adequately spoken.

Additionally, you can take advantage of numerous audio and video lessons, podcasts, radio programs, broadcasts, and TV programs.

It is one of the most convenient and accessible ways to boost your fluency.

Many foreign languages are spoken very quickly. Thus you need to make sure you can keep up with the pace and hear it pronounced correctly.

The more you listen to the language, the more your brain will start picking up words from the context and making connections.

Learn the art of listening.

The best way to acquire accurate pronunciation, accents, and intonation of a language is to listen to how a native speaker speaks it.

It is necessary for anyone who wants to be an expert in any language to develop his listening comprehension. Remember, knowing a language means being able to speak it.

Improving listening skills must be a top priority for anyone who wants to become good at speaking a second language.

Your learning will progress more quickly.

As a result, you will later become more actively involved, verbally and creatively.


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