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Mandarin Course


Course Overview

  • Our course is taught by qualified native Mandarin teachers with rich experience in teaching adults, including corporate training.
  • It covers a wide range of topics with practical vocabulary and sentence structures and can accommodate the needs of absolute beginners through to advanced learners.
  • The course includes Regular Mandarin, Business Mandarin and Chinese Writing.
  • The course is taught at three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Learning Outcomes


Elementary Level

  • Become confident with around 200 Chinese characters and 100 sentence patterns.
  • To understand sentence pattern and apply basic Mandarin and sentence patterns.
  • To be able to meet the fundamental needs of daliy life and work.


Intermediate Level

  • Become confident with around 500-600 words and 200-300 sentence patterns.
  • Understand basic grammar structure.
  • Have a basic understanding of Chinese culture.


Advanced Level

  • Be confident with around 800 Chinese characters, 400-500 sentence patterns and commonly used grammars.
  • Can use more complex sentence patterns.
  • Good at Pinyin system with no problems engaging in simple daily conversations.
  • Have a good command of basic Chinese cultural background.