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HKMLC Online Courses Platform

  • Hong Kong Modern Language Centre (HKMLC) is aiming to provide a convenient and user-friendly online platform for students to learn different Chinese dialects and foreign languages including Cantonese, Mandarin.
  • There is no distance for learning languages no matter you are at home or on business trips or your office, The courses are instructed by our professional teachers for students all around the world. The e-learning experience is a great way to ensure that you can become multilingual, and also enjoy more flexibility and efficiency.
  • Online courses are cheaper than offline courses.
  • Online and offline teaching methods are the same (Online not just listening to recordings one-way listening)
  • Stable Network
  • Online Platform are available for Mobile phone,  Ipad, Desktop computer, laptop computer.


Are you interested in becoming multilingual?

  • HKMLC online courses make it possible. Do not hesitate, take advantage of this opportunity and enjoying benefits of our platform! For course details like course fee and schedules, please contact us.
  • We offer free online language assessments.
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Tel: (852) 2287 5182 / Whatsapp: (852) 9456 2605
Wechat ID: JoyceLung / Email: info@modernlanguage.com.hk
Website: modernlanguage.com.hk