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Mandarin Course for English Speakers


Course Overview

  • Our course is designed for those with daily communication needs in a Chinese environment.
  • Our course is tailor-made to meet the specific learning needs of our students, such as finance, trading, insurance, tourism, hospitality, etc.
  • Flexible and interactive teaching modes will be adopted,including group discussions, role plays, videos and conversations, etc.
  • The course is taught at three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced


Course Time

  • Regular time for Classes
  • Daytime & Evening Classes available
  • 20 hrs/level


Small Class / Private Class

  • No more than 6 students


House Work Mandarin

1.      The main content of the first period of study includes:

  • According to basic daily topics and scenes, learn words, sentences, simple grammar, and cultivate the initial sense of learning mandarin.
  • Focus on improving listening and speaking skills, being able to communicate in Mandarin in daily life.
  • Learn to understand Chinese culture, customs and background, and being able to adapt to the Mandarin language environment.

2.The main contents are as follows:

  • Greetings: ways to address, family members, self-introduction, useful words and sentences.
  • Routines: time and date, working time and requirements, holiday arrangements, weather conditions, etc.
  • Clean the room: clean the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, sweep the floor, mop the floor, wipe the table, wash the dishes.
  • Tidy up clothes: wash and dry clothes, iron clothes, etc.
  • Shopping: money terms, shopping in supermarket, shopping in wet market, buy fruit, buy vegetables, buy snacks, buy daily necessities.
  • Cooking: food ingredients, seasonings, kitchen furniture and appliances, kitchen necessities and utensils, cooking methods.
  • Transportation: MTR, bus, minibus, route, place, location.
  • Take care of children: parts of the body, escort children to school, activities, age, phone number, etc.
  • Take care of the elderly.


Sample Course Topics

  • The sounds of Chinese
  • Greetings & Farewells
  • Nationality & Languages
  • Days & Dates
  • Time & Daily Routine
  • Addresses & Telephone Numbers
  • Family & Family Members
  • Work & Professions
  • Interests & Abilities
  • Invitations & Appointments
  • Summary for all the above lessons