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Corporate Language Training


Course Overview [Mandarin、Cantonese Corporate Language Training]

  • Our team specialises in Mandarin and Cantonese for corporate training.
  • We are experienced in training staff from multinational corporations, local businesses and other organisations in HK.

Training Objectives

  • To overcome our students’ psychological barriers of learning Mandarin or Cantonese in a short period
  • Our Training Programme is designed to provide our students with a better understanding of cultural differences, through immersing our students in the Chinese culture
  • Our Training Programme not only focuses on learning Mandarin and Cantonese but also customer service in the Chinese culture.


What we offer

  • Company needs analysis
  • Tailor-made language training programme
  • Free pre-class and after-class assessment tests
  • Advice on course format, content and groups
  • Continual assessment of each learner’s language proficiency throughout course
  • Periodical reports for the company including students’ attendance
  • Course and trainer satisfaction questionnaires


Our teachers

  • At HKMLC, we value our teachers as the greatest asset. Our school is constantly recruiting and training our teachers to monitor their performance and quality of teaching. We possess a team of distinguished teachers with strong educational backgrounds from around the world. They are:
    • Experienced in teaching language for international students and corporate clients
    • Holders of post-degree qualifications in Language Education, Literature, Linguistics, etc.
    • Holders of teaching qualifications such as the National Putonghua Proficiency Test, TEFL, CELTA and etc.

Course Content

  • We aim to make an interesting and fruitful Mandarin class by providing an ideal learning atmosphere for the students who first time learn Mandarin as well as for those with a solid base of knowledge wishing to advance their level through more practice.


One-stop Course Management

One-stop Course Management


Client List

【Cantonese Course 】【Mandarin Course】【English Course】【Online Course】

Banking University and College
Bank of China (Hong Kong) City University
China Construction Bank (Asia) Corp Ltd Hong Kong School of Commerce
Agricultural Bank of China Ltd (HK Branch)
Deutsche Bank Group
BNP Paribas School
Bank of Singapore Chan Shu Kui Memorial School
DBS Bank Ltd The ISF Acadamy
CTBC Bank(HK)Branch Hong Kong Zebra Academy
Hua Xia Bank (HK Representative Office)
Chinese Enterprise School
COSCO Shipping Group Chan Shu Kui Memorial School
COSCO Shipping  Ennergy Transporation The ISF Acadamy
HeBei Port Group Int’l (HK) Co., Ltd Hong Kong Zebra Academy
HeBei Int’l Invesments Ltd
Suntien Green Energy (HK) Corp Ltd
China Shinway Pharmaceutical (HK) Ltd Foreign Enterprise
Kai Luan Group Lombard Ordient
China HuaRong Asset Management Co., Ltd Lesaffre(Far East) Ltd
Jizhong Energy Group Int’l Logistics
China Universal Asset Management
BHL Int’l Business Ltd Hong Kong Enterprise
China Communication & Construction United Future Foundation
China Power Gas Ltd SFC
China Alliance Properties Ltd HKVCA
ZTE Corporation South Ocean Knitters Group
Landsea Green Properties Co., Ltd  Far East Aluminium Works Co Ltd
Shandong Gold Minining (HK) Co., Ltd
China International Water & Electric Corp
China Eastern (CE)


Client List