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Young Learner Cantonese Course


Course Overview

  • All of our programs teach language learning through play and games, so that children see learning a language as a fun extra-curricular activity, rather than as a chore.
  • We help all levels of students learn to speak Cantonese confidently and fluently.


Course Features

Young Children (Above 6)

  • To develop confidence and interest in learning Cantonese through following methods: Flash Cards, Songs and Dance, Story Telling, Mini Games, etc.


School Students

  • To help students to understand classes taught in Cantonese in regular school and to provide tutoring.


Survival Cantonese

  • Our Survival Cantonese Course help our children to feel more at home in Hong Kong.Whether our children just arrived or you’re a veteran expat, knowing a little bit of Cantonese can go a long way towards enjoying all that Hong Kong has to offer.