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Starts from:週一, 25 10 月, 2021
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Mandarin Course for English Speakers

Course Overview

Our course is taught by qualified native Mandarin teachers with rich experience in teaching adults, including corporate training.

It covers a wide range of topics with practical vocabulary and sentence structures and can accommodate the needs of  absolute beginners through to advanced learners.

The course includes Regualr Mandarin, Business Mandarin and Chinese Writing.

The course is taught at three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Learning Outcomes

Elementary Level

Become confident with around 200 Chinese characters and 100 sentence patterns.

To understand sentence pattern and apply basic Mandarin and sentence patterns.

To be able to meet  the fundamental needs of daliy life and work.

Intermediate Level

Become confident with around 500-600 words and 200-300 sentence patterns.

Understand basic grammar structure.

Have a basic understanding of Chinese culture.

Advanced Level

Be confident with around 800 Chinese characters , 400-500 sentence patterns and commonly

Can use more complex sentence patterns.

Good at Pinyin system with no problems engaging in simple daily conversations.

Have a good command of basic Chinese cultural background.